Facebook: A Site Full Of TMI

Wow, has it been three weeks since I last posted?  That escalated quickly.  I mean, that really got out of hand fast.  It jumped up a notch.  I wish I had some fun and exciting reason for you as to why I’ve been overwhelmingly absent from basically the entire internet lately, but I don’t.

For those who didn’t catch it, my last entry was simply a picture of a bun in an oven.  As I expected, all of the comments I received were those of a congratulatory nature. Wifey and I are very excited.  I mean, it’s not often that two people can realize their dream of opening a bakery.

Okay, of course I’m kidding.  We are indeed on our way to becoming parents.  I wasn’t kidding, however, when I said that Wifey and I are very excited.  Baby is due in April, so we’ve got quite a bit of time left to go, but already it’s changed our lives in such wonderful ways.  But before I get too far into baby talk, I want to lay some ground rules.

I do solemnly swear to abide by the following rules regarding the blog and the baby:

I: I will not over-share about any baby-related information.
–That crap makes me gag.  Attention all expecting mothers: I don’t want to know that you don’t fit into your bra anymore, nor do I care that you have bad gas.  Keep it to yourself.

II. I will only share pertinent information regarding my Wife and our pregnancy.
–Basically, this means that I probably won’t mention much since the people who actually care are family, and I am mostly in the habit of talking to them in person about this kind of stuff.

III. I will not overwhelm my entries with baby-related talk.
–This kind of goes hand in hand with the second rule, but again, I know you don’t want to read about it, and therefore, you will be spared.  Sure, I’m super ecstatic about becoming a Dad this spring, but there are things you share, and there are things you keep within your circle of family and close friends.

IV.  Facebook will not serve as my medium to tell everyone I know about everything that is going on.
–Matter of fact, Wifey and I are choosing not to put the news on the ‘Book.  (At least for now, that is subject to change).  There are just way too many people on Facebook, and unlike here, I/we are identifiable.  Here, I am just another web address with words on a screen.  There are no pictures, no phone numbers, no email addresses, etc.  It’s just how we feel.

V. I would be more than happy to answer most baby-related questions if I am prompted to do so.
–Just remember that we are, for the most part, a fairly private couple.  However, if anyone were to request an update on how things are going, or anything like that, feel free to ask.

So, to preemptively answer a few of the more frequently asked questions … No, we don’t know the sex of the baby yet.  Yes, we do plan on finding out.  Yes, we will share that information when it becomes available.  No, we don’t care what sex the baby is.  Yes, we have names in mind for either sex.  No, we will not be sharing those names (until baby is born of course).  Yes, we have seen the baby on a monitor during a couple of  routine check-ups.  Yes, I got tears in my eyes when I saw him/her.

That should cover most of the basics.

Onto other things.  Of the aforementioned rules, number four strikes close to mine and Wifey’s hearts.  Facebook has gotten way out of control over the past couple of years in the sense that so many people are knowingly sacrificing their own privacy, just to tell everyone what they are thinking 24 hours a day.

To me, it’s annoying.  The way I see it, when it comes to Facebook, 95% of peoples’ status updates fall into one of four categories:

1) No one cares.
2) Too much information (TMI).
3) Annoying cut-and-paste chain statuses.
4) Desperate cries for attention.

The remaining 5% can actually be considered useful, harmless, and/or funny.  For the most part, though, it’s a giant crap fest.  For example, log into Facebook on any Friday.  I’ll bet you $100 that if you scroll through the recent updates, you will see at least five people exclaiming their love for Friday and/or the weekend. Look people, we get it.  Fridays are nice, and weekends are fun.  We don’t need to be reminded of it every seven days.

Same goes for Mondays.  I bet you could count a dozen updates from people complaining about how much they dislike Mondays.  Again, this is not news to anyone, and you have not discovered a new phenomenon.  We get it, you don’t like going back to work.

Due to the nature of Facebook’s status updates, most people are losing (or have lost) their ability to filter.  People are forgetting that there are some things that just don’t need to be said, and some things that other people don’t give a crap about.  I’ll give you an example.  This is an actual status from someone on my friend list.  I covered up the picture and the name to be polite to the actual person who wrote it.  Also, I’m sorry for the blurriness.  The bigger I made it, the harder it was to work with.  (That’s what she said).

For those unable to read it, it says: sigh… life changing decisions are tough… do i make enough money that i can pay off all my debt in a year or two have no life and be in a place that i hate… or do i go home move in with my best friend make good but not great money take my time paying off debt and having tons of friend time meeting new people and possibly finding someone that i can love again…

No.  One.  Cares. 

Seriously people.  Think before you post.  That post isn’t even the tip of the iceberg.  If we’re speaking metaphorically, that post is a single-celled organism contained in a fleck of dust, resting gently atop the tip of the iceberg.  And the iceberg is big enough to take down the Titanic without flinching.

One love,



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13 Comments on “Facebook: A Site Full Of TMI”

  1. Kez Says:

    Congrats to you and your wife!!!!

    I used to be an awful daily status updater on facebook. Now I make sure my statuses are quality not quantity. I am over the cryptic ‘in a bad place during a break up’ statuses. They annoy me the most.
    My love of facebook is slowly waning and eventually I will probably grow to hate it with a rage that burns deep inside me … until then I shall check it and spend time ‘liking’ stuff and lol’ing at stuff that’s not funny 😉

  2. c. Says:

    Here’s the problem with facebook: I hate it, but I’m addicted to it and since the nature of my job involves being on a computer 97% of the time, I check in at least once an hour. You are absolutely right about all the over-sharing and boring I-could-give-a-shit status updates, and yet, I still log in for the 5% of interesting. WHY?

  3. JK Says:

    You do know Facebook is a social network right? The whole point of it is to share and connect with people. Just seems like a silly thing to complain about since going on Facebook is something you choose to do. I read some of the pointless posts from people but I guess I don’t get upset that I wasted half a second to read them.

  4. Julie L. Says:

    Yeah, I’m with JK. Sometimes I get sick of the TMI posts, but for the most part I just deal with it because I actually enjoy reading most status updates and I like feeling somewhat connected to friends and acquintances who live far away. That being said, I have defriended or “hidden” a few Facebook friends whose status were too frequent or especially irritating, such as the people who ONLY talk about their kids; have daily countdowns to things like weddings, babies, vacations, etc.; or who constantly post pity statuses like “Why do things never go my way???”

  5. Staci Says:

    There’s a whole site dedicated to TMI on facebook. http://www.TMIfacebook.com

    It’s crazy what people post. Selling food stamps, STDs they just got. Crazy!

  6. ThePowerOf10 Says:

    Kez, thanks for the congrats. My Faecbooking also waxes and wanes. It’s a love-hate relationship in the sense that I absolutely love to hate it.

    Chels, it’s an addiction. The first step: admitting it. The second step: hell, I don’t know. I never get to step one.

    JK, I suppose for the most part, you’re right. I choose to go on there. Still, I can’t help but cringe and shake my head at some people. And for what it’s worth, I don’t get upset. The only ones that actually bother me are the folks who are throwing pity parties for themselves all the time and whoring for attention. That comes off as desperate and annoying. Actually, most peoples’ statuses are like car accidents. I can’t NOT look.

    Julie, I have several, several people hidden from my news feed. Those are the uber-ridiculous ones. And I, too, have defriended people based solely on their annoying statuses. Shallow? Yes. Necessary? Also yes.

    Staci (whomever you are), that is a funny website. Very Failbook-esque.

  7. Bigsby Says:

    I have at least a dozen people hidden on Facebook, one is a former co-worker of ours (hint: she has a firsty lasty) Facebook should only be used for sharing non incriminating pics with each other and looking up the people you have slept with. I don’t care if it’s “daughter day” or your boyfriend is a jerk. I check it daily, but only update a few times a week. Mostly about my bitching mustache or how the Twins/Vikings/Sioux have failed me. Congrats again on the baby.

  8. ThePowerOf10 Says:

    Bigs, I have her hidden too. Absolutely couldn’t handle it. I actually deleted her a while back (maybe a couple years ago?) and she re-added me within a month or so. I figured resistance was futile. Firsty-Lasty will always find us.

  9. Jum Says:

    Cheese, I’m gonna hide you on Facebook until you get on board with Moss playing for our boys! Get. On. Board!

    Also, I bet you crumble and start throwing your baby all over Facebook. I only say that to motivate you.

  10. ThePowerOf10 Says:

    Jum, you can be optimistic, I’ll be realistic. There’s a reason this is his third team in five weeks. He’s a behavioral nuisance. I hope he contributes, I really do. I just don’t see it working out.

    As far as the baby goes, there has been nothing on Facebook, and there will be nothing on Facebook for the time being. I won’t be one of those people who posts endless pictures and updates my status with whatever cute thing the baby did that day. Just not my style.

  11. JK Says:

    There is a way to only share pics or whatever with a certain group of people. Which could come in handy when a certain friend who lives 4 hours away wants to see the little baby 10(what do we call the baby, “10 Jr.”, “10 squared”, maybe “mini 10”.)

    Just saying that while you may not want to look at all the baby pics that people put up I am guessing that there are relatives and friends who want to see it and Facebook makes that very easy.

  12. E Baby Says:

    I kind of like this softer side of JK.

  13. ThePowerOf10 Says:

    JK, there are sites (like Shutterfly, for example) that allow friends and family to share photos privately, without putting them on Facebook. Don’t worry, you’ll get to see pictures of Baby 10. And I too like this side of you.

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