Haiku Wednesday

In honor of some things I’ve been obsessed with/pondering recently, I decided to express my feelings for them in Haiku form.

House, M.D.

A brilliant doctor
He makes fun of everyone
Cuddy is a fox

Fantastic Contraption 2

For those who don’t know
It’s an engineering game
Check out the free trial

(http://www.sparkworkz.com/fc2/) … Seriously, it’s insanely fun and addictive.)

Green Tea

Hot and delicious
I take mine with two Splenda
Drink it everyday


Yesterday’s weather
Was the last nice day of fall
Now here comes the cold

Cam Newton

Big-mouthed quarterback
Won’t play ball without a bribe
Now in hot water

Minnesota Vikings

Still not very good
I bet they go eight and eight
Favre is a disease

The NFL’s New Contact Rules

Let them play the game
Way too many penalties
It’s like two-hand-touch


Does this entry count
As my blog post for the week?
Judge rules: yes it does

One love,


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3 Comments on “Haiku Wednesday”

  1. Jum Says:

    Is it really Haiku Wednesday? One of my buddies wrote a Haiku on Facebook today, just wondering if that was a coincidence?

  2. ThePowerOf10 Says:

    Total coincidence. “Haiku Wednesday” just sounded cool.

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